Energy Storage Done Right

To ibV Energy Partners, energy storage operations is a reality in which we excel at. It’s implemented in our assessments and operations, and codified in the guarantees we make on those projects.

We have a fully-staffed energy storage team of 8 engineers and design technicians in our Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) team. Our BESSies include several coders and software developers who employ their talent to better understand the customer’s needs.

But we also play well with others. While our team performs its own data modeling and simulations, we collaborate with specialized firms to verify our figures and perform deeper vendor and forecasting analysis. In the end, the quantitative analysis that goes into every Solar + Storage project we do, is a culmination of independent review, cross-checks and design work across several teams.

Simulations and Projects

The modeling and simulations that we undertake address both energy and power needs – from firm and load shifting, to flexible solutions to mitigate curtailment, transmission congestion, frequency response and renewable energy smoothing. We support our analysis through verifiable data chains which are refined, and ultimately integrated into our design and development initiatives.

We are currently designing four Solar + Storage projects in the US:

– Summit Hill Solar Farm (CA), Firming
– Dry Bridge Solar 1 (RI), Firming
– River Bend Solar 1 (MA), Firming
– College Ranch Solar 1 (NM), Power Shifting

We invite you to come see what the BESS team is about. We’d love to give you a tour of our energy storage lab.