We do our own homework

We don’t exactly subscribe to the time old saying, ‘if you want something right, you’ve got to do it yourself’. But yes, we do it ourselves. We only employ independent experts to verify our own work. We ask them to be extremely rigorous in their analysis, critical in their advise and detail-oriented – always. We pride ourselves on our financial expertise and our engineering heritage, our ability to be exact and design the most optimal solar power plants for the most demanding customers. We prefer it that way.

How We Work

We are quite selective when it comes to launching our development initiatives, after all – we deploy our own capital. But once we’re committed we employ a fully-staffed team of permitting and licensing experts, land assessors, design engineers, construction managers and market and financial research analysts to execute in the following areas.


  • Regulatory Review
  • Market Research
  • Preliminary Transmission & Grid
  • Permitting Roadmap
  • Land Suitability

Cost Basis

  • Development Cost
  • EPC and O&M
  • Financial Modeling
  • Pricing Research
  • Tax Research


  • Design Layouts
  • Yield Assessments
  • Single-Line Diagram
  • Advanced T&G
  • Storage Application

Client Review

  • Customized Pricing
  • Sizing Scenarios
  • Pre-Phase Transmission & Grid
  • Energy Storage Option
  • Build-Transfer Option

Outsized Capabilities

We cover the full spectrum of development. From the early stages of site control and transmission analysis, through the permitting and engineering of the project, all of our efforts are borne and guided in-house. Occasionally, we collaborate with specialized firms, specifically local providers that know the terrain better than us. This could be in the areas of community outreach, to ensure that we provide for the community at least as much as they provide for us, or interconnection works to identify the most optimal point of interconnect for the project and the offtaker.

But for the most part, our quality derives from our ability to be hands-on through the process. This is why we feel comfortable providing our full commitment, backed by a strong financial guarantee to deliver on every project we undertake.


Planning and Permitting, Land Assessment and Acquisition, Zoning and Local Representation


Transmission & Grid, Design and Yield Assessments, Energy Storage Implementation


Own-Use Development Capital, Dedicated US Finance Team, Tax Equity Capabilities


700+ MWp Constructed, Comprehensive Turnkey Service, Independent and Objective