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We are investors and developers of utility-scale solar PV plants across the United States. From our headquarters in Miami, FL, we specialize in working with Utilities, Cooperatives, Municipalities and Corporates to provide energy generated from large-scale solar and battery storage systems to their customers.

We’re proud of our team and the level of detail that we set for ourselves. Designing, building and operating large-scale solar power plants demands a high degree of technical, engineering and financial expertise. We work in a tight but fun collaborative environment that always places our customer’s needs at the core of our operations.

Combined, our team has done some amazing work in this industry, from developing some of the largest solar plants in the US southeast and advising utilities on how to successfully resolve their ‘duck curve’, to helping draft policies to ensure that solar power is to the benefit of all stakeholders, not just for developers.

Since 1991

We may not be the oldest kid on the block, but we’re darn close. We trace our heritage back to 1991 when our affiliated company, ib vogt GmbH (www.ibvogt.com), first evolved as a solar engineering firm, and one of the pioneers of the global solar industry. In fact, the Group’s CEO is one of the original four founders of Q Cells. ib vogt’s roots as a technical firm, designing PV module assembly lines back when the first commercial modules were rolling out across Europe, remains the foundation of our engineering excellence today. Indeed, almost 1/3 of our staff are design, transmission and construction engineers; individually, with an average of 13 years in the renewable energy industry.

Indeed, we enjoy a very successful relationship with ib vogt and they are very much a part of our success here in the US.

While ib vogt is focused internationally, we solely focus on US based development activities. But one thing is for sure, we continuously increase our own capabilities through our parent’s overseas engagements, most of which are in the challenging emerging markets where a high degree of technical skills and project development expertise is required.